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Barrhead Travel Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions about Barrhead Travel Insurance

Am I covered if I am pregnant?

Yes, cover is provided for complications of pregnancy. Please refer to the meaning of words in the policy wording for the definition of complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Please note that if the due date coincides with the time of travel there is no cover under this policy.

What is a policy Excess?

Most sections of the policy carry an excess. This is the first amount of any claim that you will have to pay. The amount may vary depending on the level of cover you have chosen. It is applicable per person per section.

What is a Pre-existing Medical Condition?

Any serious or recurring medical condition which has been previously diagnosed or been investigated or treated in any way, at any time prior to travel, even if this condition is currently considered to be stable and under control.

If I have a Pre-existing Medical Condition, can I still be covered?

If anyone travelling under this policy has any serious or recurring medical condition which has been previously diagnosed or been investigated or treated in any way, at any time prior to travel, even if this condition is currently considered to be stable and under control, you MUST contact Travel Administration Facilities on 0203 824 0702 to declare the condition(s) and ensure that we are able to provide cover.

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim, phone Travel Claims Facilities on 0203 829 6713 quoting your name and policy number. You can also download a claims form from

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions are another expression for the Policy Wording. You need to read the Policy Wording carefully because it sets out the cover that you have purchased and also the conditions that you need to meet in order to make a claim.

What are my cancellation rights?

If after reading the policy wording you decide the terms of the insurance contract does not meet your requirements you can, WITHIN 14 DAYS OF THE DATE YOU RECEIVED YOUR DOCUMENTS, return it for a full refund. Should you wish to cancel your policy outside of the 14 day cooling off period, and can confirm that there have been no claims on the policy and that you have not travelled, in addition to a £15 administration charge; the following cancellation terms will be applied dependant on what type of policy you have purchased.

Single Trip policies - In the event you have not travelled and are not claiming on the policy, a refund of 50% of the policy premium and any additional premium applied to your existing medical conditions will apply. If you have travelled or are intending to claim, or have made a claim (irrespective of whether your claim was successful or not) we will not consider refunding any proportion of your premium.

Annual Multi Trip policies - Provided you have not made a claim on the policy (irrespective of whether your claim was successful or not) and you confirm in writing that there is no claim pending, should you choose to cancel and understand that all benefits of the policy will be cancelled, we will refund 5% of the total premium paid, for each full calendar month remaining on the policy from the date of cancellation. If you are intending to, or have claimed (irrespective of whether your claim was successful or not) we will not consider refunding any proportion of your premium.

What do Winter Sports cover?

Provided you have paid the Winter Sports upgrade, you are covered for: ski equipment, piste closure, avalanche cover, ski pack costs up to the limits shown on the summary of cover. Activities covered are:
  • Big Foot Skiing
  • Blade Skating
  • Cat Skiing
  • Glacier Walking
  • Husky Dog Sledding
  • Ice Hockey
  • Kick Sledging
  • Langlauf
  • Mono-skiing
  • Off-piste Skiing/Snowboarding (with a guide)
  • Passenger Sledge
  • Skiing – Nordic/Cross Country
  • Sledging/Tobogganing
  • Sleigh Riding (Reindeer, Horse or Dogs)
  • Snow Biking
  • Snow Mobile/Ski Doos
  • Snow Parascending
  • Snow Scooting
  • Snow Shoe Walking
  • Snow Tubing
  • Snowcat Driving


Any activity not listed is not covered by this policy.

What do I do if I need medical assistance when travelling?

Please notify tifgroup-assistance 24 hour emergency advice line on: +44 (0) 203 829 6724 about any serious illness or accident abroad where you have to go into hospital or you may have to return home early or extend your stay (you should first check that the circumstances are covered by your policy). Please provide your name and policy number.

Can we travel independently on our Couple/Family travel insurance policy?

Each adult can travel independently, children can also travel independently but must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.

How often can I travel on an Annual Multi-trip policy?

The policy lasts for the complete 12 months, and you can take as many trips/holidays as you wish during the year. Any individual trip or holiday must not last longer than 31 days unless the trip extension to 62 has been purchased and is shown on your policy certificate. If a trip is for a longer period you will need to purchase a Single Trip policy for that particular trip. 17 days Winter Sports cover can be added for an additional premium and Business Cover & Golf Cover, for a maximum of 31 days in total for the whole year, are available at an additional premium. Please contact Rock Insurance on 0343 658 0350.

What is the difference between Standard, Premier and Premier Plus cover?

These are the different levels of cover offered under this policy. Standard offers the least cover, with the highest excess for the cheapest premium. Premier offers a wider range of cover at higher levels with a reasonable excess and is priced reasonably. Premier Plus cover provides the widest range of cover and the highest levels of protection for you and requires you to pay the least amount of excess. As a result Premier Plus cover is the more expensive choice.

How is my policy delivered?

Your policy is emailed directly to your email address shortly after being issued. Please note that some internet providers filter our automated e-mails as SPAM so please check your SPAM/junk folder if the e-mail has not been received. Alternatively, your documents can be delivered by post.

Do you offer cover for over 65s?

Yes we do. The maximum age for taking this policy out is 79 at the commencement of the policy for annual multi-trips and single trips, however winter sports cover is not available to those older than 65

Do you cover non-UK residents?

No, this policy is only available to UK residents that has resided in the UK for at least 6 months of the last 12.

Can children purchase cover if they are under the age of 18?

16 and 17 year olds are able to purchase cover, but they must pay the adult premium for their cover. The policy can only be issued by calling Rock Insurance on 0343 658 0350.

What products do you offer?

Single Trip policies
Annual Multi-trip policies with maximum trip duration of 31 days (can be upgraded to 62 days if under 65 years old)
For Individuals, Couples and Families (including Single Parent Family)
Including optional covers for Winter Sports, Golf, Business Travel, Wedding, Cruise Pack, Travel Disruption and Gadget
Standard, Premier and Premier Plus levels of cover

What credit/debit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro/Switch, Solo, Visa Electron, Delta and American Express.

What happens if my bag is stolen with all my travel documents and money whilst I am travelling?

You must report theft or losses to the police or relevant authority within 24 hours of the event and obtain a written report. These reports are the only proof that the loss/theft did actually occur. If you leave luggage and personal items unattended in a public place then we cannot be held responsible for any resultant claim. You should always take reasonable care to look after your property and treat it as if it were not insured. There is no cover for cash or valuables left in an unattended vehicle at any time, even if the vehicle is locked.

Are my glasses covered?

Yes in some circumstances these are covered, but they are subject to a maximum cover limit of £50-£100 depending on the level of policy purchased.

When do I need to purchase my travel insurance?

At the time of booking your travel arrangements to make sure that you have cancellation cover in place for that particular trip.

If your travel arrangements change then you must call Rock Insurance immediately on 0343 658 0350. You must be able to provide the correct period of insurance on your documentation in the event of a claim.

What do I need to take on holiday with me?

Please ensure that you take a copy of your certificate of insurance and a copy of the full policy wording - these documents contain important numbers that you may require whilst travelling.

Are my golf clubs covered?

Yes, up to £1,500 with a Single Article limit of £250, provided you have paid the additional premium for the Golf Cover extension.

Am I covered for cancellation?

If you have paid the appropriate premium, you are covered for cancellation of your holiday for the reasons stated in the policy wordings so long as the incident occurs after the start date on your policy. You may be able to claim (subject to the policy terms and conditions) for any travel or accommodation costs that you have either already paid or are contracted to pay, that you cannot reclaim from the tour operator.

What is an Excess Waiver?

If your policy includes the Excess Waiver, you will not need to pay the excess on any claim. The Excess Waiver must be purchased at the time of booking the insurance and cannot be added on later. Please contact Rock Insurance on 0343 658 0350.

What is an EHIC (formally E111)?

If you intend travelling to European Union (EU) countries, the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, we would advise you to obtain a Form CM1 from your local main Post Office. On returning this, duly completed, to the main Post Office you will be issued with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which will entitle you to certain free or reduced cost health arrangements in the EU, EEA or Switzerland. (Full details are given in the DSS Leaflet No. SA40).
NB: In the event that you have used the EHIC to effectively reduce the cost or your treatment or medicines; then you will not have to pay an Excess in relation to any medical related claims.

What vaccinations do I need?

You should check with your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will be best advised to tell you what vaccinations are required, if any.

Can I change my policy?

We can change your policy within 14 days of purchase (except to add on excess waiver), after this you will only be able to make administration changes such as departure / return dates, extend the policy to cover Dangerous Activities or upgrade the benefit levels within the policy. Please contact Rock Insurance on 0343 658 0350.

Which Special Sports and Activities are covered?

This policy covers many sports and activities as standard. There are some activities that require payment of an additional premium to be covered. There are also some activities which this policy will not cover. Please consult the policy wording for more details.